Tuesday, December 18, 2007

A Rhapsody Not So Bohemian

So, I am done with college.
Exams remain; they, of course, come with the tedious inevitability of an unloved season.
But I am done with college-college.

No more "Amma, wake me up at 11:00 tomorrow, I have to go mark attendance in Pediatrics OPD, else I'm doing multiple re-postings", no sire, no more of that.
No more "Look chumps, I am not presenting another testicular swelling, I have had it with the balls; now give me breast".
No more "Erm, ma'am, I was in the OPD showing my one year old cousin, down with Chronic Wasting Disease to the Pediatrician, and had to miss the tutorial; could you please mark me present?" to the office lady, knowing with a fair amount of certainty that my cousin is neither a wapiti nor a moose, and that the kid is not called Spunky Monkey With A TV Remote In Hand.
No more "Alright, to save yourself some face, spell 'muscle' for me" by a senior consultant exasperated by the Monkey's ineptitude, despite which Monkey attempted attitude by venturing an M-U-S-S-E-L.
No more "Fuck, what WAS that paper? We had Medicine only no?"
(Okay, may be there is scope for that last one yet. Dreadfully enough. )
But, no more of the others.

And guess what? Despite my better senses hollering "What is UP with you man?", the one dominant voice in my head insists that I will miss it all.
And quite a lot.

Why, it seems like yesterday when I first came face to face with the rest of my class and wondered, "Jeez, am I going to be stuck with this cross-section of village idiots from across the country for four and a half years! This was NOT what I had thought of when I wrote the prize winning essay What I Want To Be When I Grow Up And Why, back in 6th standard. Oh hell, what of my plans to sip cognac with Genetics Professor In Tweed Jacket in his study with the Mahogany table, discussing why exactly Watson and Crick were chumps". Which was just when the student body President welcomed us with "Doctors are like candles", which was also when I thought there was hope to the place yet. Surreal similes always get me interested.

September 15, 2003. That's when it all began.

Is this the real life
Is this just fantasy?

I was in a beige T-shirt, and was among the shortest people there. Faced with a population that represented a mind-boggling array of demography, I think I shut up. More so because the room gave off an aura of expectation and apprehension so dense, that in my head it plays out even today as a climactic scene of a Hitchcock film. This, given the trouble we had undergone to finally walk the "hallowed portals"(my non-existent ass) of the "premier institution"(my non-existent ass reprisal).
In a strange set of circumstances, there was a sense of culmination to a process that hadn't even begun; there was a sense of alienation even before we could call the place our own; there were one too many complex issues to deal with and far too little gray matter to comprehend the gravity of it all, most importantly the import of the countenances of our thoroughly disgruntled but enigmatic hosts, the college seniors.
To half of us, Genesis was just a band, and a rosary was what a child with Rickets had; we'd call you mad if you said somebody walked on water and Immaculate Conception, to us, was merely a well thought out idea. (All this would change, of course.)
Dickens would be proud of the fin de siecle spectacle: it was the best of times and the worst of times.
[People who do not know me personally, please ignore the above paragraph. Mere verbiage it is; whereas the few people here who do know me personally (unfortunately; where went my anonymity clout), those were bad times no? Perfect dhobi-ghat kuttas we had become.]

Caught in a landslide

No escape from reality

First year was wonderful. The wide eyed surprised look at most things medical college persisted for a good 6 months or more. (Wow, white coats. Too muuuch). We knew we had chosen a different way of life, when on the very second day of college, we were taken into a big, bright sunny room. So? So, it smelled real strong. So? So, it smelled SO strong and bad that I knew that's what would kill me. So? So, there were dead bodies.

Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening

The Anatomy Dissection Hall. The first thing they make us do is a circum-ambulation (you know like a pradakshina/phera) around the dead bodies. I get that, you know like, the dead teaching us and how we should forever be grateful and all that. But it kinda creeps you out when you realize that there is a cadaver with an erection!
Which is when, it happens yet again.

Thunderbolt and lightning - very very frightening

We were all assigned cadavers. Ten people to learn off one cadaver. A scrawny Professor sitting in the center of the hall yelled, "Waat aar you wayting faar I say, cumaan expose the Pectoralis Major".
Groups of ten around their respective cadavers, at least three feet away from the table. Every pair of eyes scanned the nine other pairs, hoping for that one pair which looked ready to hack into another human being.
One of us ventured, "How about we read through the manual once?", knowing fully well that that should kill an hour at least. "Ah, but of course", the rest chorused. We took turns reading and thus began our preliminary understanding of each other. Oh, so this is what coconut oil and banana chips sound like. Hiss S'ss are lisssped. Ah, yankee twang, eh!

"Wopen Cunninghaam Manual, expose Pectoralis I say, waat you are wayting faar? Yuvar gryaandmother won't come to help okay? Dissect dissect".

Mama, life had just began
But now I've gone and thrown it all away.

But it wasn't hard. Perhaps the most fun we have had throughout college. Bonding over a corpse wouldn't be much fun, you'd think. Wrong you are. Friendships were formed, piques discovered, likes and dislikes unraveled, love blossomed, DC teams formed, DC teams fought over Deep Impact and Armageddon, copycat associations sprung up, all under the watchful eyes (err, make that presence. We had gouged the eyes out) of the man who was so sweet he didn't mind even being hacked into.

But, back home on the first day of dissection, amma made me stop at the door.

"HeNa muTTidya?"
(Did you touch dead body?)


"HeNa muTTidya, ilva?"
(You touched dead body, or not?)

"Of course Ma, I have to"

"Saaku tuss-puss English-u. Aa college-ge haakbaardittu ree. NODtiri, enneraD vaarakke Davidd-o, Josupph-o, Fernandes-o aag barthaane, udda koodl biTTkonDu, raaku-paaku andkonDu. Naav naav paDkonDbandiddu. Aa Kalaasipalya college-g hOgakk enaagitto? Bekalla shoki. Neenu, Enoo muTTkobEDa, straight bathroom-g hOgu. Taley-g snaana maaDi devrig mooru namaskaara haaku. NAMM DEVRIGE!"
(Oh, enough with your flashy English display. Ree, I told you we should NOT have put him in that college. Just you see, in two weeks, he'll be David or Joseph or Fernandes with hippy hair and a penchant for Rock-Pock music. What to do, our share of fruit from past lives. Why could he not go to that Kalaasipalyam college, like good Brahmin boys do? No no, he wants razzmatazz, of course. YOU, touch nothing, go straight to the bathroom. Take head-bath, and do namaskaara to God. OUR GOD!)

"Maa, you know I missed the Kalaasipalyam college by a whisker (okay, may be a little more than that; a twine thread, let's say). And I am very tired right now. Can we skip my cleansing issues?"

"Matte English-u! HaaLaag hOgu, aadre snaana maaD haaLaag hOgu"
(Oh that wretched English yet again! You go rot where you want, but rot after bathing)

She grew considerably calmer over the months that ensued, however. Dead bodies got to be routine with her, as they did with me. She grew communally tolerant too, I am assuming. Given how she would, without flinching, ask me, "What did you chop today, David?"
Like that wistful saying goes, "Dina saayorge aLoru yaaru?" (Who will cry for the daily-dying?)

The chopping itself was SO much fun. When we spliced the heart open, in my true Bollywood persuasion, I rattled off some twenty five Dil type songs. Wrenching the brain out was some tough carpentry. Discovering that the cadaver had no Sciatic Nerve was fun, only to rediscover it (Waat I say, thickest nerve of the baady you cut aaf, und say there ees no Scaiatic?).
Physiology and Biochemistry were a blur save an enterprising young chap egging thirty hesitant students (with yellow conical flasks in hand and rooted to their spots in the lab) to "Go discharge the sample. After all, Urine Is Like The Fountain Of Life".
Gee whiz, what is with similes and this place anyway?
(Yes, we tested our own urine samples, and mine had no sugar/ketones/bile salts/protein. Yay me!)

Second and Third years passed soon after without my consciously registering the change in the numbers on the calendar. Fests all over South India, major victories in some, "Fuck you, bastard" on stage many times over, on realizing I had potato sacks for teammates; one blind, and the other, well, a big potato sack. Academically, only two things stand out.

A. Watching post-mortems:
Do Not Attempt It. Perhaps the most macabre thing ever. I mean, they RIP guts out. Even metaphorically that sounds dreadful. And I watched eleven! of them, oblivious then to the power of proxy. Eleven painful sessions of punishing a dead individual. Farrokh Bulsara, if he had seen one, would go -

I don't want to die
I sometimes wish I'd never been born at all.

Here's the thing, I have told this to a couple dear friends, and you my readers are going to know of it too: If I die, do not let them do a post-mortem on me. Even if my death was caused by angry communal cricketers, or I looked a dangerous shade of distemper green when I died.

B. The ENT viva-voce:
I do not remember much of it, except I think it went something like -

Bismillah, we will not let you go.
Let Me Go!
We will not let you go.
Let Me Go!
We will not let you go.
Let Me Go!

Final year, in all its ugliness was reached.

And I was none the wiser. But, with an unsettling certainty that it has all come to an end. The Farewell Dinner is pretty much the last nail on the coffin.

Medicine, unlike other courses, does not have a specific Last Day Together. Internship scatters us across the breadth of the hospital, and one never gets to meet friends or "hang out" as much as before, what with grueling 36 hour shifts and having to moonlight as everything from wardboy to aide to scum of the pond to things beneath the scum of the pond. Which is probably why there is already a sense of finality to everybody's tone. Our last film together no?, one would say. Ooh, the last birthday treat, another goes. (We are not dying, I say.) But, it is inescapable.
Four and a half years of being together, and then the prospect of not being together does a little more than twist your sobriety, I assume.
Some people are already talking engagement and marriage! Suddenly, you realize the gravity of being 21+. This is what they mean by adulthood, it dawns upon you. Having to stand at a crossroads and deciding by yourself and for yourself, which road it is that you want to take.
Only, this isn't to get the tastiest Golgappa for the cheapest money.

Too late, my time has come
Sends shivers down my spine.

Talk invariably also turns to 25th year reunion and who would be doing what, and where, and when? (10:00 AM on September 15, 2028, the yearbook insists)

A would be a Pediatrician, lending Mr. Pinkwhistle and Mallory Towers to eager kids, and impressing upon them the force that is Dhoom 2 and Hrithik Roshan's pelvis.

B and C would be married, with B still trying a weary hand at the electric guitar and telling his kid why exactly Iron Maiden is the greatest thing that happened to mankind.

D would open a hospital called Exclusively Exotic Diagnoses and deal only with Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker, Kocher-Debre-Semelaigne, Lawrence-Moon-Biedl and such other diseases, and be content provider for House, Season 28.

E would be in the North-East, dealing with hypertension, coronary artery disease, diabetes; all in himself.

F would be completely bald. And precious else. (Perhaps out; who knows?)

G would be either frikkin fantastic (being the editor of the International Journal of Oncology) or running a clinic 20 x 10.

H would get married, fly to the Gulf, make children, and go into hysterical fits over unclean cutlery.

...and I?

I am easy come, easy go.

Nothing really matters,
Anyone can see.
Nothing really matters,
Nothing really matters to me.

Any way the wind blows...

P.S.: Queen who? Bohemian Rhapsody what?

P.P.S.: People who know who I am, could you please please not tell other people about who I am? I will give you 5 stars. In gold color pen, no less.

P.P.P.S.: It's been more than a month since I posted, I know. Exams were happening. Anyone missed me? Humor me, no? You did not? Dang.


Anonymous said...

im so glad you are back. missed you all this while!

all or nothing said...

so beautifully woven with the song.

Siri said...

Brilliant, spunky. Bravo! Bravo! Bravo!

Bikerdude said...

beautiful post. welcome to the big bad world and all - you'll love it.

Sebastian said...

The way the song blends into the post is bludddy incredible. especially in the end. you are one fundoo writer man! will be coming back for more.

- Sebastian.

Adorable Pancreas said...

I know!
I know!
I know!

Oh, and you're lucky you're not in Kerala. We have to deal with course lags too. Exams never take place on time. My senior batch (2003, same as you) are only in their 8th sem now.

Good luck with the exams.

tangled said...

"Yuvar gryaandmother won't come to help okay?"

Too long. But very funny. So even,

Anonymous said...

whou... which is the college in kalasipalaya?
and whatae... christian college is shoki, huh? and your mum thinks you'll turn david or michael or julius just due to the college?
Talking of House, are you also a fan of Scrubs and did you used to watch Doogie Howser MD?
btw, why the plea on maintaining your anonymity.... someone threatened you-aa?
congrats on being done with the exams...
And Queen rocks. Queen did and does rock us. BTW, they just released a song for world aids day... check it out... sort of channagide, though it isnt the same without Mercury.

pavithra said...

Missed you very very much. Glad you are back with a really long and a really lovely post!
Now that exams are done, i hope the frequency of posting increases. One post a month is jus not enough!

suburbangrump said...

Take it from one who's been there and done that. From the very same Christian college may I add. Internship will be fun. You won't realise it while it's happening of course but once it's over and you are really truly stranded at the crossroads of life (finishing final year is not that) you will. And you still have a year now in college enjoy it. And finally I now know for sure you belong to my babies. Always knew that batch had talent.

CW said...

Congrats, Doc! So abt those future plans..what u gonna do? Paediatry, gynaec, rad..??
Much missed u were.

Anonymous said...

college overaa.. ayyo paavam :( not to fret...life out of college is not a drag (queen?)

more more more.. need more posts! spunky humor was sorely missed the last month!

your fan said...

Excellent excellent writer. That's what you are.

Anonymous said...

Aww the ending, aww the ending. 'Tis so cute. Chuck medicine, become writer. I mean it.

Prats said...

yeh!!! You're done with the walking down the hallowed corridors of non-kalasipalya collegu.....Congrats!!

Ivaaga Yenu? Belgaum, Delhi, Chennai? athava? MLE, PLAB na??

"Namma maga Doctru re...course mugithu," shuru aiytha??
And yeah...we did kinda missed you around... :)

Now you've got some time, so go do the tag also

Malaveeka said...

Very nice, Spunky/I know your name.

Miss ya a great deal. Blog more.

Malaveeka said...



the Monk said...

It's a good thing, almost, that you were not in a hostel. Try going back to college, passing by your hostel and not choking up.

Keshi said...

Thats such a neat use of that brilliant song by Queen. :)


Bikerdude said...

Now happya?

Cappuccino song said...

"the tedious inevitability of an unloved season."
Was that not a line from Moonraker? I notice the Tanita reference also, twist in sobriety. Neat!
Good stuff; medical studies can be fun. Write more often dude.

chill bill said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Spunky Monkey said...

Thunder and lightning - very, very frightening.

Who. Are. You? Chill Bill?
And, No. They are not.
(Oh Fuck. But,)
Who. Are. You?

There's a possibility you may know me said...

To half of us, Genesis was just a band, and a rosary was what a child with Rickets had; we'd call you mad if you said somebody walked on water and Immaculate Conception, to us, was merely a well thought out idea.

Way amazing a post this was, young simian.

Anki said...

I want some kind of discount at ur clinic

Bit Hawk said...

Superb post! Loved it!!

Tys on Ice said...

:)... let me welcome u to the real world...and i hope u will one day post on the song : 'another one bites the dust', followed with , 'we are the champions' and finishing off with 'I did it my way'

lovely post...had a great time laughing at ur misfortune :)

Bhel Puri & Seekh Kabab said...

Great post on my all-time favorite rock anthem. Btw, you know the rest of the song has some nice lines, albeit a bit ghoulish, that may be applicable to your internship.

Mama, just killed a man,
Put a gun against his head,
Pulled my trigger,now he's dead,
Mama, life had just begun

Or this one (upon viewing that scum of the pond)
I see a little silhouetto of a man,
Will you do the fandango

And this one(maybe the feeling after pulling one of those 36 hour shifts you mention)

Just gotta get out-just gotta get right outta here

Congrats and good luck


Kavitha said...

Missed you definitely....

Well written...as always....

Spock said...

I don't know why I am up at this hour, but hell I am. It's probably the excess caffeine that has been downed to keep me going through the day. I am a doctor too. And thank god, I stumbled on to a brilliant medico blog. Brilliant brilliant writing. As wistful as it is eloquent. And I think I know what college you are from! Always knew that place was cool.
Keep up the great stuff and do post more often.

Ziah said...

So its been a good innings eh? :) Does that also mean you'll blog more often, now that you cant duck under the pretext of eggjams?:)

neel said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
neel said...

stories, imagination, humour, and a virtual fan club.... SOME doctor you will be! and about the PPPS.. stop fishing for compliments.... you have 32 of them already... :) and all the best for the exams... especially for the Medicine paper :D

Anonymous said...

I missed you totally ! And it's not nice coming back to a post starting " vomit". Great post on the college years and yay ! for Bo Rhap and Freddie. Wishing you all the best ! Keep posting !

Eyy Go ya (and that symbol thing) said...

How could you forget to incorporate Veni Vidi Dormi in the damned post?

And yes, I read through it.

See baby? I even left you a comment.

you know who said...

wish i was studied with you in your college..u seem to lead an interesting life!

Spunky Monkey said...

Merry Christmas! I am FAR from being Santa Claus, but then this is my blog. I can tell you anything I want.

Anon - Thank you. But I was speaking to you WHILE you typed that, remember?

AON - Thanks! I am telling you, the song is MADE for medical students.

Siri - Thanku! Thanku! Thanku!

BD - Beautiful, you say. Why thank you. But then, it isn't too intelligent. (And GOD, I am blunt)

Sebastian - Do come back, and many thanks for all the very kind words.

AP - What do you know, you know, you know?
Oh, out here in Karnataka, exams ALWAYS happen on time. Sick our university is.

Tangled - You picked that, of all lines? Yeah, I give you. It was very long.

Priya - The Kalasipalyam college is the slightly unfashionable one, but with new and improved classrooms. Yes, mum continues to be paranoid. More so, today. When I insisted on yelling the three carols I know about 24 times.
I am a HUGE fan of Scrubs. Better than Grey's Anatomy and all that shite. But then, the repeats are not happening these days. I am considering buying them. Parry Cox is one of my favorite characters of all time. No Doogie Howser. The kid annoys me even now. Lejjendayry anthe. Makha.
The plea is because should somebody from college discover this, they will fling crap at me, for I do not always say the most flattering things about people, do I now? Least of all, the literary secretaries who have convinced themselves they can write. What, even they are not sure of. (I am not all that secretary-vecretary thing, cos I refused to contest elections. Who are those chumps to approve of me anyway? See, they'll kill me for stuff such as this)
(Besides, damn aren't I smug.)
Final exams innoo idyamma. Thoo.

Pavithra - Thanks for missing me. Long post no? Can't help it. Posting more often is the plan.

Grump - Bullets have left guns slower; this was kinda premature wasn't it? But then, during internship you are so scattered you hardly get to spend time with the people you WANT to spend time with vis a vis those you HAVE to spend time with, no? Hence, all the finality.
Yes, I am from your Baby Batch. But then I am not part of the group that has come to be synonymous with the batch's talent, anyway.
(Thank GOD for it)

CW - Future? I have three years to decide. Whatever it is, I know it's not going to be OB-G.
And thank you!

Sreejith - College over. In a few months, I can run around the hospital with an I-card that says Dr. Spunky Monkey. Sad, it is.
Will post more often.

Spunky Monkey said...

My fan - Whew! Thanks. I know one person who will fight you till his last breath to prove you wrong.

Anon 2 - Cute? Okay. Chuck medicine you say? I am seriously considering it. I will make a decent living writing obituaries, I have always felt. Like Jude Law in Closer (what a pointless film that was)

Prats - Ivaaga sadhyakke sitting and mugging for final exams. Aamele, one year internship. Aamele, plans-u.
Oh that line is used more by our relatives than my parents.
Kinda missed me? Thanks ree.

Malaveeka - I am inclined to believe that typo was on purpose. (But then I am inclined to believe the Loch Ness Monster exists too.)
You know my name? I know you do. Not too fashionable no? Thank you, however.
Why aren't you writing more often?

The Monk - Yeah, I guess. But then, I did not make a huge number of friends here anyway. I can imagine staying in touch with very few people from here 10 years hence. 1 no.s, to be specific.

Keshi - Thanks. It's been a while since you visited.

BD - Not so much.

Cappuccino Song - Excellent. I like Cappuccino Song too. Bingo on the Moonraker and Tanita.
Whoever you are, I would like to know you.

Chill Bill - GAH.

To self - Why do you over-react dude?

Spunky Monkey said...

Possibility whoever - Thank you. Young Simian anthe. Bah.

Anki - Discount at clinic? I would not open one, I think. Besides, there's more chance of me ending up as your junior in the Film Institute than there is of me doing this clinic-shlinic thing.

Bit hawk - Thanks.

Tys on Ice - That was a nice Queen roundup, thanks. And hope you had a nice holiday.

BPSK - I know! I thought of the same things while writing the post. Those lines are perfect for internship. Needless to say, there will follow a Part 2 next year. Wotchouut.
Thanks for stopping by; new visitors are always such joy.

Kavitha - Thanks and thanks! I was wondering where you were, actually.

Spock - Oh this place is cool already. You won't believe the number of trees the place has. Wistful and eloquent? Gee whiz, thanks a ton.

Ziah - I still have final exams ya! This was only an Aww-college-got-over-I-am-so-sad post. But typing more often is a plan I want to consider.

Neel - Hey, thank you very much. You are of course being too kind.
And oh god yes, I hope the same for the Medicine paper.

Anon N - Bo Rhap is a way cool song, of course. And who are you? There are WAY too many anon guys here. But thanks very much. All you people are so frikkin kind, I swear.

Eyy Go Ya - Ayyo correct no, the post does induce the dormi- bit. You left me a comment! You have NO idea how proud and happy that makes me. But I am sorry, you had to stoop as low baby.

You know who - I DON'T know who you are. You wish you WERE studied in my college? What a weird thing to wish. Do you have the Gerstmann-Straussler-Scheinker disease, perchance? In which case, hop on.
I lead an interesting life? Sure. I drank two cups of coffee all day. About the brightest thing that has happened all day.

G said...

And you?
You will be a fabulous writer, mister. A very fine one.

Anonymous said...

look this is the "diet" i told you about you should really enter the site :) bye enter the site

grudging fan said...

You won't fuckin believe how popular you have become. A few friends of mine got together and we were all discussing blogs, and all of them mentiond yours as being among their favorites. Damn, i'd kill for that!

Spunky Monkey said...

G - Gee, thanks very much.

Adam Brown - Sure buddy. You also told me about the Holy Grail. Now where the fuck is that one?

Grudging Fan - Oh pshaw, the traffic on this blog has come down like mad. I don't like it. But, merci beaucoup, nonetheless.

Malaveeka said...

Lol. The typo was a typo. I sorry.

I is not blogging as I is busy. I went to holiday. And comes back tanned. I blog about this soon.

Anki said...

awesomeeeeeeeeeeeeee... u better come here... i m all lonely n lost....i need new friends :(

Anonymous said...

you also earn the ire of dudes who think themselves masters of all things literary? I think people who write are divided into two types - one is the sort who get the perks, and those who blog. no prizes for guessing which type i belong to, and which i think is the better one.

Spunky Monkey said...

Malaveeka - Yes, do. I come read.

Anki - Will you convince my mother that studying films isn't such a bad idea? And that a cardiothoracic surgeon for a son isn't so swell, after all? Then, I am there discussing Antonioni to Bergman to Fellini with you.

Priya - I don't earn their ire. They all acknowledge their inability to write anything. Also, they do not know I blog. No one does, except two people. If anybody, it is me that gets branded as the literary sort. But then, there are these people who "want" to be Mag/Lit secretaries. I have seen six come and go, and not one could put words together to make a half-good sentence. Not one.
By choosing to not contest elections or show interest in wanting to be these secretary type things, one has the luxury to stand back and laugh at them. Kinda sick, but then these guys cannot write for nuts.

Ahem ahem said...

Wow, this was awesome! Fantastic dude.

camphor said...

So why are you anonymous?

I suppose all good (??) things come to an end, and anyway, more new things await discovery... So hold on to memories and forge ahead. With gold-pens in hand, just in case you need to hand out stars.

Now in that internship like phase? After the exams, that is?

Spunky Monkey said...

I am anonymous because I hoped anonymity would let me be irreverent. Besides, I don't always say complimentary things about people. Especially those from college. AND, given how most of my rambling concerns the idiosyncrasies of my extended family, and how most of its members are internet savvy, I would be dead before I can say Cat. It would be casket and not a cradle then afterward. Hence, the insistence on anonymity. Also, I write bad enough. If people got to know it was me, they would throw garbage and stuff at me. I am really not a huge fan of that.

Not in internship yet. Will be if I pass these wretched exams. If the only reason to pass these exams is to start internship, I don't quite see the reward-retribution funda working. Eitherw ay, it is walking into a blind alley.

Ayyo ayyo ayyo.

blog stalker said...

Brilliance. Best post ever.

eyy go ya said...

sarcasm nodu.

i wasn't doing you a favour. 50 others already did.
so i don't need your flak.
dandruff ella neene itko.

Spunky Monkey said...

Blog stalker - Ooh, thanks very much.

Eyy whatever - Whatever.

raki said...

"behaves like an orangutan in heat on Crack"
too good man.. you write very well.
all my friends are impressed.. yes i have made it a point that you do not go unnoticed.. not that u are now...
keep it coming man...

Spunky Monkey said...

Do you know me perchance? Thanks for making me famous. Be sure to say hi if you see me. Will buy you Idli Vada at Adiga's.

raki said...

I don't think i have met u man, though i would have been glad to know you :)
sure, let me know which adiga's and i will be there...

Sagar said...

This is so brilliant I can't even begin to tell you. The song looks as if it was made to tell your story. I love it.

Anonymous said...

great read. I would love to follow you on twitter. By the way, did anyone learn that some chinese hacker had busted twitter yesterday again.