Sunday, June 3, 2007

Portmanteau film.

I am swimming fast.
The waters are murky. An intense green, barely showing the long, distorted shadows cast by the long palm tress that line the waterway on either side.
The fabric of water is crisscrossed by many tangled, tortuous water-plants.
I peel them apart; yet never forgetting to swim.
Swim fast.
An odd lotus, a lone lotus, a surprising white against a depressing green.
In bloom.
In full sway.
In total contrast. The lotus makes a fleeting appearance in the far corner of my busy left eye.
The emotion on my face is indiscernible.
I am sweating, perhaps.
I am out of breath, perhaps.
i swim.


I walk in gliding movements. Like i am stuck to the wooden foot of a horse in a merry-go-round. Only, i am not going round. I glide.
The world around me is empty; and monochrome. With a tinge of the sun.
And dingy. (Unobtrusively so.)
I see no faces, i hear no sound.
I don't see myself, i don't hear myself.
I see what my feet see. Low and gliding.
Cobbled stone, well-worn pavement rocks, urban refuse.
Warm, water-soaked air in spurts; breaths of weary street dogs? I don't know.
But i know i am not stopping moving. And gliding.

a jerk.
A strong tug; at a sensitive solar plexus.

an unenthusiastically staid, weary, rhythmically squeaking fan.)


These are the only two recurrent dreams i get. I am sure they have definite psychoanalytical interpretations.
I don't know.
I wouldn't want to know.
I like the dreams too much.


unfortunately not 500 said...

i love the second dream so much.
it makes such a nice photograph.


Malaveeka said...

A, question ya.

how does one know if they sweat underwater?

Malaveeka said...

I loved this one btw.

Very pretty.


Anonymous said...

many smiles has come.
god honlee knows whai.

ok. i'm hungry.

Spunky Monkey said...

@unfortuantely not 500 - Thank you, thank you.

@Malaveeka - Thengs menn. And ya, one does not know if they sweat under water, which was why the 'perhaps'. But, as an aside, do look up the Aquatic Ape hypothesis. That one makesd a lot of sense to me.

@anon - whaai the smiles have come? And who are you?

Anonymous said...

who is normally hungry? you say me?