Tuesday, April 10, 2007

The dark holds no terror

Sudden dimming of lights.
And then, darkness.

The initial catcalls, and the amma's.
Then, the shush-es. The din of shush-es.
And then, the silence.

Light flickering.
In hesitant spurts.
On a white screen; with a traversing black line.
Light flickering.
Exposing the diaphanous wings of the triwinged contraptions.

Islands of light.
Lighting up eerie faces.
White. Blue. Yellow. faint.
Showing curls, and bitten lips, and furrowed foreheads.
And chunky jewellery.

The high pitched crackle; like mustard in hot oil.
Arthritic, oil-denied furniture.
The creaks, the squeaks. Oh, the creaks and the squeaks.
And a lizard calling for a mate; or looking to join the party.

The rancid odour. Typical.
The stubbed cigarette butts.
The smell of grime, of the wanting to relax.

Loud, introductory sound.
Collective breath-holding.
Collective excitement.
Beginning of,
an adventure in,
suspension of disbelief.

how i love the cinemas.


Malaveeka said...


Me too.

Spunky Monkey said...

You do too?
But sad thing, piracy killed the cinema.
And PVR did too.
That thing is *expensive*

osho said...

Ah, sounds like you tried the LSD. Btw, it is the closest animal model for schizophrenia. You don't wanna end up there.

Jessica said...

thank you, i thought that your comment on my leukemia blog was kind and thoughtful :-)

enjoy your medical school and med journey! that is a challenging, yet exciting path!


Spunky Monkey said...

@Osho - Oh hell no, did not try LSD. Mere wonderment was all that was expressed. I completely understand the kind of killer it can be.

@Jessica - You are very welcome. Hope you continue to be positive, come what may.

Anonymous said...

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