Monday, March 19, 2007

Call me William

William's Syndrome is a genetic disease caused by a change in a gene on chromosome 11, in which affected children are very low in general intelligence, but have a vivid, rich and loquacious addiction to using language. They chatter on, using long words, long sentences and elaborate syntax. They have a heightened ability to learn language but at expense of sense. They are severely mentally retarded.
Their existence seems to undermine the notion that reason is a form of silent language.

(Found on random reading of Genome by Matt Ridley)

None of this is made up, i swear. (almost) Scout's honor.
The syndrome thingy explains SO many things, it gives me a headrush.


tangled said...

You're funny :)

Spunky Monkey said...

Well, correct me if i be wrong. My cynical self(which unfortunately, is the only self left to me) tells me that it senses sarcasm.
If not, why, thank you. Compliments are always good.
And do stop by.

camphor said...

My God! That expalins it!
(NB : I'm self-obnsessed. That was for me. You, you seem to be normal.)