Sunday, March 11, 2007

A beginning

A big Ho! ,

to the rest of the blogworld.

This is the beginning of what seems like an adventure i will come to like.
I have not blogged before.
Never wished to.
Why? Is a question i failed to answer myself.
Why now? Is another question i have avoided asking myself.

Things upset me, things overwhelm me.
Sometimes, the same thing.

Like i always say,
Confusion will be my epitaph.
(Okay, i borrowed that one from King Crimson; but it is SO me)

As i put fingers to keyboard, i am filled with a sense of anxiety.
As i put fingers to keyboard henceforth, i only hope, that anxiety melts to lend itself to honest words; that need not die in fingertips, or quivering lips.


Anonymous said...

you are for moonlight sonata!? i just had to BIG HO! you back!

keep listening.

Anonymous said...

Moonlight Sonata?